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By popular demand, I have now acquired two small new buttons under the menu on the left. If you click on “Donate”, you can donate any amount. If you click on “Subscribe” you donate SEK 10 a month. (You can choose to end it whenever you want.) It is completely voluntary if you want to donate or subscribe. The Hells Angels won’t come visit if you don’t.

But since Björn Felten now intends to track down Preben’s Finnish lawyer and sue me for lost block time (he apparently got stuck in my book a bit unluckily and therefore didn’t have time to search for used light bulbs on the Block), I would be happy if the total amount at least reached 50,000 euros within a month or two, so that the lawsuit does not cause me to have to live in a shoebox in the middle of the highway or in a septic tank. 🙂

I can also report that Not-So-Jolly Roger has promised dearly and sacredly to grant me an interview before he weighs anchor tomorrow. I hope he keeps what he promises, so you can read it in a couple of days.


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