Download Rosetta’s Easter crime novel

Yesterday Not-So-Jolly Roger came to stay over Easter . Nice. Yes, except that the first thing he did was call me the extremely derogatory epithet “Hobby-Pirate”.

Hobby-Pirate… Taste it, eh… Well, the reason he called me Hobby-Pirate was because he thought I was “the biggest fraud since Milli Vanilli” because I preach my pirate beliefs far and wide, but still sit and holding on to my novel ” Managers from Hell ” like a “nun holding on to her virginity.”

Well, he was probably right the good Roger, but not now anymore. For now I intend to remedy and improve it. In Norway they have a nice tradition called ” Påskekrim “. This means that every Easter you lock yourself in your little cabin and read crime novels. I think that is an absolutely excellent idea. So I’ve decided to give you all some free Easter crime fiction to numb my pirate conscience and make Roger happy. (He thinks I should be ashamed of myself for making the pirates wait until May 6 for their prize. )

“But”, you may say who have already read the book, “it is not a crime story!” To you I only say:

Not all crimes are committed with a knife or gun, some are committed with emails and Post-It notes.

Not all crimes have victims, because some victims refuse to be victims.

“Boss from Hell” is truly gasp-hugging suspense, because who wouldn’t rather get an ax to the head than an email from Preben? Come along to Preben’s four local offices and experience the horror!


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